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The meaning of home is unique to all people. Regardless of attempts to define it, we are all influenced by our own experiences of home that transcends beyond bricks and mortar.

At Arklife, we believe, a home is about community, a sense of place and those we share it with. It is our hope, that we and our properties become many things to many people, providing freedom and flexibility, comfort, security and access to a lifestyle that sees our residents thrive.

We understand people are after more choice in the way they live their lives. This means greater flexibility, improved quality and an enriched lifestyle. Arklife seeks to meet this change with quality, design led accommodation and a level of hassle free service and community to our residents and guests that allows you to – rent like you own it.  

We welcome you to Arklife and look forward to making you feel at home.

Scott Ponton, Managing Director, Arklife.